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We only invest, when we are convinced to enrich a business with significant and sustainable growth. Provided that next to capital our entrepreneurial experience is of value, we want to share industrial know-how gained and our industry network in the German ‘Mittelstand’. Further, with our management experience we support and encourage the companies to flourish.

Industries, we have experience and can contribute to with professional know-how are

  • real estate
  • transport and logistics
  • engineering and machinery
  • energy
  • media/internet

In these industry areas we are engaged in projects with a particular focus on

  • company growth
  • carving out and rebranding
  • restructuring and repositioning

Our decision concerning the investments depends on the market position to develop and reach the perspective envisaged. We consider company size and the level of future investment.

In general, we aim to own a majority of at least 75% of the assets. There are exceptions such as growth financing. Here we are open to invest into minorities of at least 25 – 30%.